What you can do on your allotment in October

allotment in octoberThe nights are drawing in and the weather is turning chilly. But there is still plenty that can be done on your allotment to finish your harvesting, tidy up, repair and paint the shed and start the preparations for next year with the winter digging as well as cleaning up the greenhouse.

Much good advice is found at the National Allotment Society website.

There’s a wider selection of advice from the Grow Your Own website which mentions things that can still be planted out in October.

Just remember that the clocks go back at the end of the month so all the hours of daylight are valuable at this time of the year.


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What to do on the allotment in September

Garden in autumnSeptember is the time to harvest fruit such as apples, pears and plums, autumn raspberries and strawberries.

It is also an excellent time to consider what has done well for you over the past season and what has done badly. This allows you to consider your growing plans for next year with the knowledge gained.

As you harvest crops, keep an eye open for material to compost and give the compost heaps a good working over, turning and topping up.

Lots of good advice can be found here and also here – but also remember that care of the poly tunnel continues too for those of you who have invested in one.

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Summer Newsletter 2016

NewsletterOur latest news letter is now available – brief but full of useful information for our allotment holders.

To read the news letter, please click on the following link – Dig This – Summer 2016.

You will need Adobe Reader to be able to open it.

Happy reading.

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What you can do on your allotment in August

vegetables in a basketNow that the gardening season is progressing towards harvest time, all allotment holders and vegetable gardeners should be picking crops busily. As well as preserving gluts (jam, chutneys, pickles, freezing, sharing – beware of friends bearing the overload of courgettes mind!).

The National Allotment Society has a list of useful things to do including thinning apple crops to produce larger fruits, pruning cordon, fan or espalier apples and pears (not trees) and lifting onions.

You can also add a few late crops to prolong the season – late spinach can be sown in August along with a last sowing of kohlrabi and turnips. You need to keep an eye on the greenhouse and definitely pinch out the tops of tomatoes to encourage the fruits to swell.

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What you can do on your allotment in July

summer rainJune seems to have been a month of either very dry or very wet this year. And with temperatures that have been variable making control in the greenhouse hard.

However, we allotment holders need to just carry on and get on with the things we need to do whilst hoping to avoid the dreaded blight.

What can you do in July on the allotment? Advice from the National Allotment Society  says that we should keep up with the harvesting and successional sowing.

The Allotment Gardens website in its advice says that July is usually one of the hottest and driest months and also gives a list of things that can still be sown to fill up any spaces. We shall see if this year runs true to form as being hot and dry then shall we?

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