Legionnaires’ Disease on the allotment

rain barrelLegionnaires’ Disease occurs naturally at low levels in watercourses but can multiply in standing water to potentially harmful levels when the water temperature is between 20°C to 45°C.

Many allotment holders have garden hoses and water butts on their plots so the following advice is useful to help prevent Legionnaires’ Disease on the plot.

  • Empty the water out of garden hoses after use and do not leave full hoses in the sun after use.
  • Avoid splashing water around when watering pots.
  • Keep water storage containers such as tanks and butts clean by emptying and scrubbing out once a year.
  • Insulate tanks and butts to reduce temperatures increasing in warm weather or paint them with a light colour to reflect the heat.
  • If the temperature of stored water for use in mist irrigation or sprinklers is above 20°C, do not use.

It’s simple and common sense advice but it’s always worth repeating. *Advice taken from RHS website

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