Zoo Poo

Zoo PooHave you ever wondered what a zoo does with all the manure that comes from the animals there?

Well they compost it and sell it and it has a reputation for being “good stuff”! It will only come from animals which are herbivores so there is no problem with the contents of the waste either – lion poo not included.

Mind you, you can buy Silent Roar which is a by product of the lion. To quote from the website for the product:

“The natural make up of the product has prevented the manufacturer getting silent roar the necessary new EU certification for chemicals, as it’s not a chemical and the make up of every batch of lion poo is different as it depends on what the lions have eaten. This means as deterrents are regulated by the EU law. (Don’t we all love some of the EU laws) the product is now sold as a fertiliser – but the product is exactly the same and nothing has changed! Apart from the fact we can no longer legally say it deters cats.” But it would seem that big cat smells still deter small cats of the domestic sort  – apparently.

Now there you go for useless information!

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