Bonfires on the allotment

allotment brazierNo material other than that produced on your plot should be burnt on site.

Only burn when suitable weather conditions permit to avoid causing a nuisance to local residents (wind drift etc.)

Only organic matter such as wood, prunings and dry vegetable matter should be burnt.

Do not set fire to massive piles of material; it is better to start your bonfire with a medium stack and then add more material when it is very hot. Use a brazier if you can.

Non-vegetable matter such as plastic, rubber, roofing felt or bitumen, carpet, etc. must not be burnt. Flammable liquids such as petrol should not be burnt or used to light fires.

Extinguish your bonfire before leaving the site – do not let the fire smoulder after you have gone.

Only burn on your own plot, do not light fires for others.

In the event of a reasonable complaint to the plot holder from another tenant, or a member of the public, with regard to a nuisance being caused, the bonfire should be extinguished immediately.

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