How to make a composting trench

Compost TrenchThis is a different way of dealing with materials that you can compost on the allotment or in the vegetable garden.

With Christmas coming up, you need to think about making the best use of all the vegetable peelings, fruit peelings, used tea bags, and other such left overs from the seasonal feasting.

A composting trench is a great way to use up your organic kitchen waste and give your vegetable crops a boost in the coming growing season. By placing your vegetable peelings in a trench to rot down over winter, you’ll add nutrients to the soil and help to retain valuable moisture. All it requires is a little forward planning, as you need to select in advance where you’re going to grow your beans or other thirsty crops, such as courgettes.

It’s not difficult to do, ensures that you check your allotments regularly in the off season and acts as a money saving way of improving your soil. And it has no hazards so long as you cover the contents as you add them to prevent unwelcome wild life looking for food.

The simple instructions are on this link and I’m sure that once you see that it’s so easy you will be asking your family and neighbours for goodies to add.

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