What you can do on your allotment in August

vegetables in a basketNow that the gardening season is progressing towards harvest time, all allotment holders and vegetable gardeners should be picking crops busily. As well as preserving gluts (jam, chutneys, pickles, freezing, sharing – beware of friends bearing the overload of courgettes mind!).

The National Allotment Society has a list of useful things to do including thinning apple crops to produce larger fruits, pruning cordon, fan or espalier apples and pears (not trees) and lifting onions.

You can also add a few late crops to prolong the season – late spinach can be sown in August along with a last sowing of kohlrabi and turnips. You need to keep an eye on the greenhouse and definitely pinch out the tops of tomatoes to encourage the fruits to swell.

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