What you can do on your allotment in November

winter diggingDig, dig and dig this is the priority job of the month the more that you can get done before the end of the year the better. This allows pests to be cleared by either the weather or the birds. Clear out remains of summer crops, pick winter crops such as brussels sprouts.

Now of course is the time to turn out your compost bins and add the best rotted “stuff” to the soil as you dig so that you can make room for more items to compost in the future for this time next year.

The National Allotment Society has plenty of jobs that need doing on its list for November as this link shows.

There are things that can still be planted in November ready for next year – as advised here. You can also look at the pruning of established fruit trees if you have them later in the month or planting of new fruit bushes to allow them to get their roots down over the winter.

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