What you can do on your allotment in December

cold weather on the allotmentTake stock of your season – count your successes and think about your failures. Now there is time to read, ask, search the internet and see if you can do better next season. Check tools, check sheds and greenhouses for necessary repairs and do them.

Pick crops that you have still in the ground – sprouts and brassicas for instance. Check your stores of things like potatoes to ensure that you aren’t providing a home for slugs. Take hardwood cuttings of soft fruit such as gooseberries and currants. Spend time with seed catalogues and decide what you want to order for the next growing season.

It’s also wise do regular walk rounds of your allotment to see that nothing has been damaged and that you haven’t had unwanted visitors (rats, mice, vandals) and that the weather hasn’t damaged anything.

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