The Hedge On The Allotment

Hedge If your are one of our allotment holders and your allotment has a hedge then it’s your responsibility to trim it.

  1. Trimming means keeping it cut back outside your plot so that it doesn’t obstruct the path outside your plot. Remember that other people need to get to their plots.
  2. Trimming means cutting the top so that it doesn’t become too tall and keep the light out of other people’s plots – all plants need light to grow.
  3. Trimming means cutting the hedge inside so that you have the maximum growing space. 
  4. You are also responsible for making sure that the path passed your plot is clear of weeds and debris so that other people can use it. 

If you wouldn’t like your home hedge to look like the one at your allotment, then it’s time to be allotment proud and give that hedge a haircut. It’s brownie points at inspection time if the hedge is smart too.