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Stinging Nettles And Docks

Nettles form a mass of yellowish roots, from which they happily re-grow. Now nettles tend to be full of goodness (yes you can eat young ones) both for us and the allotment. Taking frequent cuts will, eventually, kill the plant … Continue reading

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Creeping Buttercup

Creeping buttercup  is a perennial weed particularly troublesome in moister soils where it grows strongly and roots deeply. After mild wet winters and in heavy soils rich in clay, creeping buttercup spreads widely using runners in the same way as … Continue reading

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Couch Grass

Overview Couch grass often grows in among cultivated plants. It’s a clump-forming perennial that spreads through the soil via underground stems or stolons, and is easily spread by cultivation. It can creep from lawns to infest flower and vegetable beds. … Continue reading

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Horsetail Weed

Quick facts quoted from the RHS web page Common name Horsetail, mare’s tail Botanical name Equisetum arvense Areas affected Beds, borders, lawns, paths and patios Main causes May establish from seed, but usually arrives via rhizomes from neighbouring gardens, or … Continue reading

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