Allotment Holders

AllotmentThere are four allotment sites managed by Prudhoe Allotment Association. Of the 100 plots managed, there are 30 at our Edgewell site, 44 at our Castle Dene site, 19 at our Redwell site and 7 at our Stony Flatts site.

Allotment holders have to sign a standard agreement when taking on a tenancy. This agreement states the basic rules that the Town Council insists upon. Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association also has a set of rules relating to cultivation of plots which runs alongside the basic agreement.

Allotment holders must keep their plots under cultivation. Under cultivation is a wide term that allows for the growing of fruit, vegetables and flowers but not trees. The set of rules that each allotment holder receives gives guidance and help.

The annual rent and membership fee is payable in the period between the beginning of January and the end of March. If there are changes to the rules or any changes to tenancy agreements these will be handed out to you when your rent is paid.